1. Two close shots of a male Emperor Moth (Saturnia pavonia) 

  2. More super macro work of butterfly wing!

  3. I’ve been doing some super close macro work recently as part of a university project. Here are some butterfly wings.

  4. Oscar, a young Snowy Owl. I found him absolutely captivating with his bright yellow eyes, very enjoyable to photograph, definitely an aim to photography in the wild!

  5. A portrait of a female Kestrel, taken in captivity.  

  6. Here are a few shots of Fluffy, a captive Barn Owl. I was mainly focusing on portraits of him, focusing on the eyes. However the favourite ended up being the shot of him shaking, with a slower shutter it created an artistic blur, I kinda like the effect.

  7. As before.

  8. I recently did a project, exploring the conservational and ecological effects that a small syndicate shoot has on the habitat it is based in. Here are a few shots from that project